about us

zhikan Design and Development Consulting Engineers Company has started its activity since 2015 in Tehran province to provide design, supervision and execution services in construction projects. zhikan Complex during these years by employing experienced engineers and graduates from the top universities in the country in various fields of civil engineering and architecture, including (design and implementation of concrete and metal structures, design and implementation of industrial structures, design and implementation of structures Special activities such as billboards and bridges, improvement and strengthening of existing structures, architectural design of buildings and villas, facade design, interior design and decoration, landscaping, design of mechanical installations, design of electrical installations, reconstruction of buildings, etc.) have extensive activities. Is. This company is proud to take effective steps in the field of engineering by using valuable experiences in successful cooperation with reputable companies and by using experienced and creative professionals. In order to achieve clear goals, the company is committed to ensuring the timely implementation of all projects and maintaining quality in the design process by adopting new methods. zhikan Consulting Engineers Company tries to take steps to satisfy its employers with continuous efforts, double efforts and work. Familiarity and cooperation with the zhikan collection brings trust and confidence, because our successful record claims to prove our commitments and responsibilities.
امیدواریم با پشتکار و تلاش مستمر متخصصین مجموعه ی ژیکان بتوانیم گامی موثر در جهت ارتقاء کیفیت خدمات مهندسی در کشور عزیزمان برداریم.

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